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Atlantis Flow Snorkel - Green Atlantis Flow Snorkel - Green
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Atlantis Flow Snorkel - Green Only The Wild Blue Flow snorkel is designed for spearfishing and free-diving. It has a semi-rigid snorkel tube to help prevent weed tangle & a comfortable silicone mouthpiece to prevent jaw fatigue. Designed to coordinate with the Atlantis Prowl Mask, choose the colour to suit your camouflage requirements.
Atlantis S30 Snorkel Atlantis S30 Snorkel
1 in stock
Atlantis Snorkel S30 This great back-up snorkel is guaranteed to fit any mask! Features include: Extra large snorkel retainer allows for a quick adjustment. Mouthpiece is made from high grade crystal silicone. Non-purge design ideal for free-divers. Colours: Black, Blue, Yellow
Atlantis Spree S40 Snorkel Atlantis Spree S40 Snorkel
In stock
Atlantis Spree S40 The same snorkel from in our mask and snorkel sets. Features: - Purge valve for easy water drainage. - Splash guard to reduce water intake on the surface. - Figure of 8 snorkel keeper, the most reliable and trusted way to connect your snorkel and mask. - Soft silicone mouth piece to prevent jaw fatigue. - Smooth internal bore with flexible drop away bottom section.
Legacy Dry S20 Snorkel Legacy Dry S20 Snorkel
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Legacy Dry S20 Snorkel The Legacy S20 is dry top snorkel ideal for scuba or for prolonged snorkeling sessions. The combination of the 100% dry top and a purge valve at the base ensures a completely dry breathing environment. The ergonomically correct mouthpiece helps to prevent jaw fatigue while in use.
Vertex SL50 Snorkel Vertex SL50 Snorkel
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Vertex Snorkel SL50 The Vertex SL50 is the latest free diving snorkel from Atlantis and is probably the best value snorkel on the market today. Features include: Large black silicone mouthpiece. Non-purge - this is ideal for free diving as it creates less noise underwater. Also easy to clear on the surface. Flexible bore to allow ease of movement through kelp. Smooth internal bore for enhanced air…


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