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Air Gun Air Gun
1 in stock
Atlantis Air Gun Handy cleaning device. This air gun simply clips into your regulators BCD hose. The extendable, thin, steel nozzle lets you blow into hard to reach spots.
Atlantics Measure Atlantics Measure
5 in stock
Atlantis Measure Scallop, Paua and Crayfish measurer made from tough plastic. New Zealand limits listed.
Atlantis Acess H30 Hood Atlantis Acess H30 Hood
5 in stock
Atlantis Acess H30 Hood 5mm neoprene. Perfect for integrating with dry suits, this is a top-quality hood for serious divers. Features include: Made from tough high quality 5.0mm "CR" neoprene. NOTE: be wary of buying hoods made by "SVR" (polyester) neoprene which is cheaper but is not as durable, or as warm as "CR". "SVR" is also highly flammable! Smooth skin face and neck seals to reduce water en…
Atlantis Lanyard Atlantis Lanyard
1 in stock
Atlantis Lanyard Freeing up your hands underwater is a must for safe and enjoyable diving, but when night diving or hunting you usually have your hands full. Having your torch, camera, or measurer attached to a lanyard allows you to drop the hand held items, yet keep them within reach at all times. This corded lanyard with latex rubber comfort tubing is the perfect item to keep your hands free. Th…
Atlantis Pole Spear Rubber Atlantis Pole Spear Rubber
1 in stock
Atlantis Pole Spear Rubber Powerful 10mm diameter rubber fits most hand spears. Grunty as you like it
Atlantis Rubber Knife Strap Atlantis Rubber Knife Strap
2 in stock
Atlantis Rubber Knife Strap
Atlantis Tank Boot Atlantis Tank Boot
In stock
Atlantis Tank Boot Hex style design helps to prevent the cylinder from rolling. Will fit Catalina 80cuft and 95cuft cylinders.
Brass O-Ring Tools Brass O-Ring Tools
1 in stock
Brass O-Ring Tools Price is for all three tools. Easy way to remove o-rings without damaging them.
Catlina Tank & Value 80CUFT Catlina Tank & Value 80CUFT
Catlina Tank & Value 80CUFT Catalina Cylinders has grown to become an industry leader. All Catalina cylinders come with a 10-year manufacturing defect warranty. Nitrox use: The S40, S80 and C95 cylinders are approved for filling with Nitrox to a maximum of 40% oxygen at 15 degree Celsius. Under no circumstances are these cylinders to be filled with a greater oxygen content. This package includes a…
Comfy Mouthpiece Comfy Mouthpiece
4 in stock
Comfy Mouthpiece Our engineers and award-winning designers are always listening to diver's requests for product upgrades and enhancements. One such request was for a mouthpiece that would be both durable and comfortable. Fits most Snorkels
Cray Fish Hook Sea Harvester Cray Fish Hook Sea Harvester
In stock
Cray Fish Hook - Sea Harvester
Cray Measure S/S Cray Measure S/S
2 in stock
Cray Noose S/S 1mt Cray Noose S/S 1mt
2 in stock
Cray Noose S/S 1mt
Crystal Mask Clear Crystal Mask Clear
1 in stock
Crystal Mask Clear A must-have for must-see diving! When used correctly, this wonderful product prevents your mask from fogging up, giving you the clearest possible vision.
Defog/Scrub Combo Defog/Scrub Combo
1 in stock
Defog - Scrub Combo Everything you need to prep and condition new mask lenses and recondition older ones. Includes: 1x 30ml Mask Scrub 1x 30ml Mask Defog To condition new mask lenses and recondition older ones, apply Mask Scrub as directed and then apply Mask Defog just before you dive. Mask Scrub Directions: The Mask scrub gently removes the mold release film found on new masks that can prevent d…
Dive Flag Wired Dive Flag Wired
In stock
Dive Flag Wired Be seen even on a windless day with this 60cm x 60cm wire reinforced dive flag.
Dive Tank mesh Dive Tank mesh
1 in stock
Dive Tank Mesh Stylish and functional this small-cell plastic mesh structure protects your cylinder (and everything it comes in contact with) and provides better grip for your BCD tank strap. Very popular! Colours available: Black, Yellow, Red.
Divers Mate Hawaiian Sling 2pce Divers Mate Hawaiian Sling 2pce
2 in stock
Divers Mate Hawaiian Sling 2pce A fun and cost effective way to spearfish. This simple to use hawaiian sling comes in two pieces allowing for easy transportation and storage. Featuring a rubber sling, quality aluminium construction and stainless steel prongs
Dry Pouch Dry Pouch
In stock
Atlantis Dry Pouch This pouch will keep your small valuables such as wallet, phone, keys etc totally dry. Featuring tough plastic pouch with velcro roll top closure. Measures 25 x 18cm
Dyneema Push-In Wishbone Dyneema Push-In Wishbone
3 in stock
Dyneema Push-In Wishbone Dyneema wishbone for fitted rubbers.
Dyneema Wishbone Dyneema Wishbone
1 in stock
Dyneema Wishbone Push in wishbones for hand tied rubbers.
Faber Tank Boot Faber Tank Boot
1 in stock
Faber Tank boot Perfect fit for Faber steel tanks.
Fin Grippers Large pr Fin Grippers Large pr
1 in stock
Fin Grippers - Large You'll never lose your fins with these fitted correctly Used for holding your fins on. Price is for a pair.


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